Change log

A breakdown of changes and fixes that have been made to the ConsentEye App

Version 1.17

  • New Features — New products or services, including new nodes, edges, and fields.

  • Changes — Changes to existing products or services (not including Deprecations).

  • Deprecations — Existing products or services that are being removed.

New Features

  • ReceiptInput, ReceiptWithDataSubjectInput has the following input parameters added

    • notes - Notes are additional information that can be stored for when the receipt was captured, for example you can store IP and device information of the data subject.

    • reference - Reference name for a file that is related to the receipt.

    • referenceUrl - The URL for where the reference file is stored, for example it could be a one drive link to a policy stored in google.

  • Receipt, DataSubjectWithReceipt, DataSubjectHistoryItems has the following field has been added:

    • notes

    • reference

    • referenceUrl