Agreement builder

Can be navigated to on the left hand side of the app (or in the hamburger menu on mobile)

The Consent agreement builder will help you to build a consent form that you can send to your individuals (data subjects). There are two parts to the builder the agreement and the individual consent.

A consent is permission for something to happen or do something, an example of a consent would be:

Do you give consent to our application accessing your location?

An agreement is legally binding document between you and your individual as a course of action. in the case of the ConsentEye your agreement contains one or more consent with an explanation for why you need to capture the consent

The agreement can have two different states, it can either be published or it can be a draft.

  • A published agreement can be used by ‘Consent Request’ to request consent from the individual

  • A draft agreement can be saved and come back to at a later date before it is published a request cannot be made to a none published agreement

With the agreement builder you are able to create, update your agreement and consents with any changes updating the version number of the agreement.