Consent checker

Can be navigated to on the left hand side of the app (or in the hamburger menu on mobile)

At a glance, the Consent checker gives an up to date view of individuals (data subjects) who have or haven't consented to a particular consent. You can 'Filter individuals who have':

  • Given consent

  • Responded and not given consent

  • Request but not responded (pending)

  • Not given consent or requested but not responded


If you need to know which of your individual you can target with marketing campaign, then simple search can help you find the answer. From there you can export that particular list of individuals into a csv file and use it for you email marketing campaign.

  1. Select 'Consent checker' from the navigation

  2. Select a consent from the drop-down list

  3. Select a filter from the filter drop-down eg. if you want a list of all those given consent then select 'Given consent' from the filter drop-down

  4. Click 'Export list' to export the individuals

  5. These will then be sent via email and can be used to be imported into a mail campaign