Consent receipt

Can be navigated to on the left hand side of the app (or in the hamburger menu on mobile)

The ‘Consent receipt’ allows you to search for an individual and see their complete audit trail of consent, when they where requested, when they responded, how they responded and if they have changed their response.

The ‘Consent receipt’ is an accurate historical log and is handy for when you may need to retrace an individuals responses to all consent that you may have asked for, giving you the assurance that the history can be found with a single search.

Search for history

To view any data in Consent receipt you will have to added individuals, created an agreement and sent to the individual

  1. Select 'Consent receipt' from the navigation

  2. Using the search box enter a first name, last name or email address of the individual

  3. To display the history click on the 'History' accordion to open the list

This is a great tool to prove that you have consent if at any point you are audited

Coming soon...

Export history, this will allow you to export the individuals audit trail as a pdf that can be added to a Subject access request (SARs)