Consent request

Can be navigated to on the left hand side of the app (or in the hamburger menu on mobile)

Consent Request will help you to find out which data subjects have not given consent for a selected agreement. With the data subject displayed in a list, you know to whom you can send an agreement to, from there you can then export a csv file of these individuals (data subjects) which will consist of their email, first name, last name, url of the form and agreement token. The token is unique for each individual so the correct form is presented.

Once the csv file has been created, you will receive an email which can then be downloaded and imported into an email provider of your choice. As with any email sent out you will need to set your template for each of the variables so their first and last name and the url and token populate the correct areas.

This process can also be automated using our webhooks and API.

Examples and plugins coming soon

Export individuals

You will need to have added individuals and created a published agreement before you can start making a request

  1. Select 'Consent request' from the navigation

  2. Select and agreement you wish to make the request for

  3. A list of individuals will display who have not been requested before and have not responded

  4. Click 'Export list' this will start the process of creating and sending you a link to download the csv file

  5. Once downloaded you upload this to your email provider with a set template, as you would often do if sending marketing emails