Opening an account and logging in

Create an account

If you or your organisation has not done so the first step is to create an account. We only require your full name, email address and the organisation name and phone number to get up and running

Only one account is required per organisation, multiple users be added if required (useful for audit purposes)

The email used to register should be your organisations email address, free accounts such as gmail, ymail, hotmail etc. cannot be registered if you do not have an organisation email please get in touch and we will assist you with your account

Verify email

You will be sent an email with a link to verify your email, this verifies a valid email has been added, as this is a our primary form of communication.

If you do not receive an email to validate your email please get in touch so we can investigate


Once an account has been created you can login via the login page, using the email and password you provided when creating your account.

Sign out

Your session will expire after 2 hours if you have been inactive inside the app, this will result in you being signed out the next time you perform an action inside the app and you will be taken back to the login screen. The session will refresh however if you are performing actions inside the app.

You can also logout by selecting logout in the drop-down menu in the top right of the app.